Filtsy — iPhone 12 Pro filters

Filtsy an app that allows users to capture and create chic virtual reality. Utilise the power of your device and create exclusive, stunning augmented reality videos with a touch of a finger on your own iPhone 12 Pro.

How to use Filtsy?

1. Download the app

2. Pick a filter

3. Shot a video

How the magic happens

The LiDAR scanner on the new generation of apple products measures how long it takes light to reflect back from objects and constructs a depth map of the space you scan. Due to its accuracy we are enabled to construct realistic worlds using your scans as a foundation in seconds. Watch as your bedroom fills with glassy, cool water or deposit layers of snow on your peacefully sleeping pup, all of this is done seamlessly on your device. Blink and you will miss it.

JUST bought the new iPhone 12 Pro?

DOWNLOAD the Filtsy app to see the power of your device

FILTSY creates exclusive AR videos tailored for your iPhone 12