A letter from founders

Jack and I have been developing software startups full-time together since 2017. Our endeavors have explored various fields, but no matter the field we are always drawn towards non-bullshit tech, elegant design, and actual customers who pay for our products.

Each time we iterated relentlessly until we ran out of ideas, “killed our darlings”, and moved on to solving new problems we found while working on previous ones.

Until Lidar.

With Filtsy our journey was unique. Lidar used to cost almost $100k, but then Apple made it affordable to every iPhone user and we just couldn’t help but to research this technology by building a new app. We called it ‘Hello, Lidar!’ and shipped it overnight back in 2020.

But then surprisingly after dozens of builds it became a leading app of the lidar niche.

After numerous customer development interviews in 2021, we found a wider vision for ‘Hello, Lidar!’ and started rebranding into Filtsy.com. Today, one year later, we’re excited to finally complete this transformation.

Thanks to the tech stack we have developed over the last two years, we have become far bigger than just a Lidar-centric app. Despite our growth, we aim to keep our small-research-team atmosphere as long as possible.

Our duet is like a guitar custom shop: we create masterbuilts for tech niches, we never work with outsourcers, third-party contractors, or even part-time employees. This is because we strongly feel that everyone involved has to be “on the bus”.

After more than five years of exclusive collaboration, Jack and I are elated to invite new A-players to join us on our exciting journey. Whether you are an AI researcher, a full-stack developer, or investor, shoot me an e-mail — let’s get in touch and meet for coffee in LA or the Bay Area!

[email protected]

co-founder of Filtsy